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Improve your productivity and empower your staff to work on key business issues with Accloud’s simple, easy to navigate Accounts Payable module. Starting with a dashboard that gives you a snapshot of all your important business matters and easy access to the issues that need attention, it contains all the power and functionality you need to operate your business more efficiently. The visual graphics allow you to see key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance so that trends are easily monitored and our clever design will minimise data entry time, making you more productive.

The Accounts Payable module allows you to:

  • Easily manage an unlimited number of supplier contacts, including multiple contact details, addresses and roles
  • Easily receive products and invoices against purchase orders
  • Send invoices against as many General Ledger accounts as required
  • Manually override of tax to match supplier invoices
  • Pre-payment of Invoices and receipt of goods at a later stage
  • Put-away documents for products from purchase orders

Payables module