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Easily manage all of your business contacts with Accloud. Contact management is a critical business activity and being able to maintain up-to-date and relevant customer contacts is critical. Accloud’s first class service will provide your organisation with the competitive edge it needs to be successful.

Our Contacts module is closely integrated with information about all your trading partners – supplier, customers and contractors – as well as other important business information, building the foundation for a full Customer Relationship Management module.

Accloud’s Contacts module includes:

  • Delivery inquiries
  • Contact assignment
  • Invoice printing/reprinting
  • Account inquiries
  • Contact lists

Customer Relationship Management

Accloud’s Contacts module will help you increase your sales performance, provide superior customer service and enhance your customer relationship management.

Rapid access to centralised customer information and detailed, up-to-date communication history will assist you to foster customer and prospect relationships, close more sales and streamline all customer contact activities.

Accloud’s solution offers consistent and readily available customer and prospect data, allowing you to manage pre-sales activities, perform automated sales processes, deliver consistent customer service, evaluate sales and service successes and identify trends, problems and opportunities.

Benefits at a glance

  • Tight integration with other areas of the system gives you a clear and comprehensive view of the customer
  • Increase revenue and profit by maximising opportunities and retaining high value customers
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with our value-added services
  • Improve your product development and service delivery processes
  • Arm your personnel with in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs
  • Enhance the customer experience through quick problem resolution
  • Easy access to customer information over and over again

Successful Customer Interaction

The Accloud Contacts module helps you get to know your customers better and includes many features such as activities, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers, and what their relationship is with your competitors. Our flexible database structure allows you to enter whatever information you would like about your customer for your future reference.