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Take control of your inventory management with Accloud’s Inventory module. It allows you to create specific inventory types that best suit your business and control the way these items progress through the sales cycle and how they are displayed along the way.

Accloud’s Inventory module allows you to:

  • Create & edit items
  • Create Bills of Materials (BOM) & kits
  • Perform Stock takes
  • Create & Edit Item types
  • MakeTransfers
  • Revalue Inventory

Advanced features allow the creation of new items from templates or other items. Mass updates from templates make bulk changes to selected inventory groups. Manage inventory by location and where items may be sold or purchased.

Key Inventory module features:

  • Unlimited units of measurement (UOM)
  • Bar Code per UOM
  • Batch track items
  • Costing per UOM per Location
  • Prices per UOM per Location
  • Serial Number track items
  • Create New Items from Templates
  • Bulk update by groups
  • Specify UOM sellable or purchasable only


Efficient inventory management should be able to rapidly respond to customer requirements and be flexible enough to manage any corrections or changes as and when required.

Accloud’s Inventory module offers a diverse range of inventory management features to minimise warehousing costs and optimise storage needs. It also offers a host of advanced warehousing features, such as modification, balancing, transfer and reversing operations. Many features including the management of multiple storage centres and locations are included as standard functionality within Accloud’s Inventory module.

Accloud’s Inventory module provides a high degree of flexibility for handling complex storage needs and assures your warehouse inventory data is continuously updated. All ingoing and outgoing materials transactions are fully automated and seamlessly integrated with other Accloud modules, enabling efficient, fast and trouble-free inventory management within your organisation.

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