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Accloud’s Purchasing module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub-assembly and other non-inventory materials, as well as just-in-time (JIT) warehouse management. The Purchasing module is also tightly integrated with the Inventory control and production planning modules. It will handle all your purchasing needs, from purchase requisitions generated through material requirement planning (MRP) to normal warehouse stock replenishment.

Accloud’s Purchase module includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Put-away documents
  • Receiving goods
  • Purchase returns
  • Reporting

Accloud’s Purchasing module allows you to:

  • Easily manage an unlimited number of supplier contacts, including
    multiple contact details, addresses and roles
  • Easily receive products and invoices against purchase orders
  • Send invoices against as many General Ledger accounts as required
  • Manually override tax to match supplier invoices
  • Pre-payment of invoices and receipt of goods at a later stage
  • Put-away documents for products from purchase orders

Key Purchasing features include:

  • Supplier details
  • Pricing models
  • Reporting

The Procurement Cycle for a Service or Material in our Purchasing Module is as Follows:

Determine the requirements: Materials requirements are identified either by a specific business department or via your materials planning and control system, which can cover both MRP proper and the demand-based approach to inventory control. You can raise a purchase requisition or these can be generated automatically by your materials planning and control system.

Determine the source: Accloud’s purchasing module helps you to identify potential sources of supply based on past orders and existing longer-term purchase agreements. This speeds up the process of creating requests for quotation (RFQs), which can be sent to vendors electronically

Purchase order processing: The purchasing system adopts information from the requisition and the quotation to help create a purchase order.

Purchase order follow-up: The system monitors the reminder period specified and, if necessary, can provide an up-to-date status of all purchase requisitions, quotations and purchase orders.

Goods receiving and inventory management: Goods receiving personnel can confirm the receipt of goods simply by entering the purchase order number.

Invoice verification: The system supports the checking and matching of invoices. The accounts payable clerk is notified of quantity and price variances because the system has access to purchase orders and goods received data. This speeds up the process of auditing and clearing invoices for payment.