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Setting up configurable workflows allows you to easily define common processes that are used in your sales and purchasing chain. Document statuses let you develop a number of pre-determined criteria for each document type, enabling you to block or trigger subsequent actions until certain requirements are met

For example, a cash-on-delivery sale cannot be handed over to the customer until it is invoiced and payment is received. A sales order with outstanding items for delivery will automatically show the balance remaining until all items are delivered

Accloud’s Sales module includes:

  • Quotations
  • Reporting
  • Orders
  • Account payments
  • Account inquiries
  • Statement printing/reprinting
  • Delivery inquiries
  • Invoice printing/reprinting

Trading policies enable businesses to automate critical management decisions such as imposing global overrides on credit limits and trading days, setting grace periods and specifying what documents and actions apply. For example, a trading policy may stop delivery of goods to a customer that is 25% over their credit limit.

Key features of Accloud’s Sales module:

  • Trading policies
  • Configurable workflows
  • Document statuses
  • View prices inc. or exc. tax
  • Comment lines
  • Sub-totals in documents

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is no longer enough to simply have the best product. Increasingly, companies must also streamline their business processes, focus on their core competencies and forge closer partnerships over the whole supply chain. Maximising the efficiency of your sales and distribution system is a key factor in ensuring that your company retains a competitive edge, delivers outstanding customer service and improves its profit margins.

Accloud’s Sales and Inventory modules offer a comprehensive and integrated set of best-of-breed components for both ordering and inventory picking and despatching. It can handle the mapping and supply of single-site or multi-site organisations, develop precise logistics planning for just-in-time deliveries and generate replenishment orders by using defined warehouse requirements rules

Use Accloud for these key sales and inventory tasks:

  • Sales inquiries & quotations
  • Sales orders
  • Delivery &Shipment
  • Invoicing &billing
  • Returns &Credits

Accloud can help you with all the basic functions of the sales order process:

  • Inquiry handling
  • Quotation preparation & processing
  • Monitoring the sales transaction
  • Checking for availability
  • Scheduling the delivery
  • Calculating pricing and taxes
  • Checking credit limits
  • Invoicing &billing
  • Creating printed or electronically transmitted documents

Depending on how your particular system is configured, these functions may be completely automated. The data that results from these basic functions is stored in the system where it can be accessed from anywhere, any time, on any device.