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Accloud’s service module enables organisations to simplify the process of tracking services issues while enabling effective responses to internal and external customers through:

  • Work schedules
  • Work orders
  • Tracked equipment
  • Service agreements
  • Representatives

It helps provide increased sales performance, superior customer service and keeps track of your service agreements and renewal dates. Centralised customer information regarding equipment, technicians, schedules, work orders and agreements fosters good customer service and streamlines activities.

We have invested heavily to ensure the service dashboard provides you with a snapshot of all the important issues such as:

  • Tomorrow’s scheduled work orders
  • Unassigned work orders
  • Service agreements that expire within a month

Tracked equipment allows users to record internal and external equipment. The features such as acquisition warranty, acquisition agreements and contracts, insurance information and general operational requirements provides an easy and reliable method for customers to know all the required information about the equipment.

Service Agreements allow companies to record customer contracts where the level of service is defined. These agreements allow users to enter internal information, contract details, scheduled service visits – first scheduled date and last scheduled date and fees associated with the contract. You are able to set a renewal reminder so you will know when contracts are coming up for renewal. You are able to select when you want to be reminded and set these daily, weekly or monthly.

Work orders not only contain information about a job but it also provides information about the equipment and parts and material associated with a job and a client. This means you can keep track of the equipment in one easy set. You can create specific representatives where you can state their rates and skill level which populates all this information together when creating a work order. Work Orders have the ability to add descriptions on invoices but also to leave internal notes for other staff member or items to remember at a later date.

Work Schedules provides a centralised view which enables control and monitoring of service activities

  • Eliminates the guesswork surrounding qualifications and rates
  • Helps to track both support and professional service agreements
  • Provides the ability to create service agreements at an item level while generating invoices, quotes and orders
  • Manages service agreements from quotations to renewals

Work Schedules provide easy click functionality for new work orders with the added drag functionality to capture extended times or reschedule the order for another day. Another added bonus is through the colour coding of representatives that enables easy reading and know exactly what the staff are working on.